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                                                                                                                 ReadEasy Move2

                                                                                           5% Discount                       

ReadEasy Move's simple, tactile 6 button control system.

                                                           Read easy move2 is a portable machine that read to you,

                                                           Translate printer test into crystal clear speech within second.

                                                             Do you find reading with a video magnifier difficult or impossible?

                                                                        Then ReadEasy Move 2 could be the solution for you


ReadEasy move2 Connecting the camera Custom carry case
Image showing the versatility of ReadEasy Move 2 with it reading a plaster box, postage receipt, magazine, catalogue, tin of soup and vitamin tablet bottle.

Read Easy Move2 lightweight, compact, stylish and easy to use - your ideal reading machine!


ReadEasy Move reading cooking instructions on a food packet.

ReadEasy Move's camera being instantly magnetised into position and then raised into capturing position.

              Easy to set up easy to use

ReadEasy Move 2 reading cooking instructions on a food packet.


ReadEasy Move's included custom carry case shown zipped up, ready for transport.






   custom carry case

    Weight: 3.5 lbs

ReadEasy move2 included Laptop bag, Custom carry case






     Free Shipping us only


ReadEasy move2 is a portable machine that scan and read to you  

Image showing ReadEasy Move with its optional Low Vision Feature Pack, capturing various document types and outputting them onto its attached screen in clear, large print.

Magnification Range Live: Up to 40x (screen size dependent)
Magnification Range Captured: Effectively unlimited
Visualizations: 6. Image, Overlay, Column, Horizontal, Vertical and Word
Enhanced Color Combinations: Customizable (64 combinations



Do you find reading with a video magnifier difficult or impossible?

Then ReadEasy Move 2 could be the solution for you

If you are someone with low vision or know someone will low vision then this is a great tool especially if they want to maintain their independence with reading. It works well if you are finding it difficult to read with a magnifying glass or have a learning disability. This might be an option to consider if you have been using a video magnifier and are now not able to fit enough characters onto to the screen at your desired reading speed. When using video magnifiers the constant movement of text on the screen can make users feel tired or nauseous. The ReadEasy Move 2 eliminates this as it reads the text to you rather than you reading it yourself. If you have degenerative eye condition then this system can be used for now and the future.

It translates any printed text into crystal clear speech within seconds by using human sounding voices it makes it easier to understand what is being read out by the machine. Letters, bank statements, books, recipes, product packaging etc. are all read with ease. The ReadEasy Move 2 has been specifically designed to be as simple as possible to set up and use. With its intuitive control system it uses one button operation to capture documents which means that it is perfect for small children or elderly users. It has a tactile design which means it is possible for users with different levels of vision including blindness to use it

Key Features

  • An easy to use system with its single button press to start the capture and reading process.
  • Uses the latest camera and optical recognition software to ensure that text is read out as accurately as possible.
  • Uses natural sounding human sounding voices and a custom built 6 watt RMS stereo speaking system that ensures that there is no better sounding reading machine.
  • It has a stylist design with a folding detachable camera. Tactile buttons makes it easy to use for all ages.
  • Its compact design means that it takes up a small space on any desk, its compact design also means that the ReadEasy Move is the lightest free standing reading machine weighing 1.60kg. This means that it is extremely portable.
  • An integrated foldable carrying handle making it effortless and safe to move from room-to-room
  • It can read almost any shaped surface be it flat or rounded. The camera system also ensures that it is possible to capture deep into the spines of books without having to flatten them. This is a great feature for use when cooking e.g. when reading tins or packets of food.














Time to read Approx 2 seconds
Time to start up: Approx 10 seconds
Camera resolution: 5 mega pixels
Depth of focus: approximately 10 cm 
approximately 4 inches
(W x D)
195 x 80 mm
7.6 x 3.1 inches
Dimensions with camera detached (W x D x H): 195 x 80 x 210 mm
7.6 x 3.1 x 8.3 inches
Dimensions with camera attached
- Footprint unchanged (W x D x H):
195 x 230 x 264 mm
7.6 x 9.1 x 10.4 inches
Weight: 1.60 kg 
3.5 lbs
Power: 110 - 240 volts AC adapter to 12V DC
Total cable length 3 meters (10 feet)
Headphone socket: Standard 3.5 mm
SUB connections: 4 x SUB 3.0
2x SUB 2.0
1x HEMI + 1x DIVE (Low Vision Pack Only)




ReadEasy move Keypad Feature Pack Additional Specifications

Document storage: Approximately 20,000 pages
Multi-page capture speed: Up to 20 pages per minute
Export formats supported: Adobe PDF, Image (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF), Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX), MP3, Open Document Format (ODF) plain text (TXT), Rich Text Format (RTF).
Import formats supported: Adobe PDF, Image (BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF)

































Two Year warranty against defect in material and workmanship











Additional Feature Packs Keypad Feature Pack For users requiring additional features such as multi-page documents, finer navigation control, saving, loading, importing, exporting of documents & more! Low Vision Touch Pack Connecting your Move 2 to a television or computer screen lets you view your documents in large print, (up to 2x newspaper headline size on a 22 screen), as well as listen to them. The ReadEasy Move 2 can also be used as a magnifier for viewing medicine bottles, photographs & handwritten letters when connected to a television or computer screen. With a compatible Windows touch screen you can also operate ReadEasy Move 2 with your fingers. Simply pinch to zoom and tap on a word to start reading.



 Image result for readeasy move 2


For user requiring additional features such as multi-page documents, finer navigation control, saving, loading, importing, exporting of documents &  more?

The Read Easy Move 2 can also be used as a magnifier for viewing far viewing medicine bottles, photograph & handwritten letters when connect to a computer screen with a compatible windows touch screen you can also operate ReadEasy move 2 with your fingers. Simply pinch to zoom and tap on a word to start reading.



ReadEasy Move Low vision

  Touch Feature Pack

ReadEasy Move's Keypad Feature Pack being shown without its included simplifying overlay and with it attached.


 Keypad Feature Pack (only)


Low Vision Touch Pack


RM2-003 Low Vision Touch Pack

RM2-002 & RM2-003


Trackball controls for low vision Feature Pack

Used to move and scroll around your screen.

Connecting your move 2 to a television of computer screen lets you view document in large print, (up to 2x newspaper heading size on a 22" screen.














                                                   Zoomax Aurora 24 HD Desktop Video Magnifier

                                                        My dream to See the Vibrant World Again.  Easy - to - use


                                                                             5% discount


Model: DM-24R 





Free Shipping us only



Magnification 2X-70X 

XY Table Dimension

16.5" x 17"

17 Alternate Color





working under the camera 7.1in

HD 24" Wide Screen

Weight: 34.8 lbs (15.8kg)






HD Camera auto focus.

 Reading lines.







Two Year warranty against defect in material and workmanship


i-See ED CCTV Low Vision Magnifier

Acuity 22" HD Low Vision Magnifier

  (by Rehan)

5% Discount 




i-see ED video magnifier offer the user a true stunning picture







    An image of the i-See Ed with a coloured picture of a flower on the screen










      Rhn-i-see 19"



      Rhn-i-see 22"


This unique Enhanced Definition Magnifier offer the user a truly stunning picture quality, Design to work with a 19" or 22"Widescreen TFT Panels, (Monitor). 

  3X to 80X Magnification Depending on screen size.

Auto focus

Weight: 35lbs / 16kg

10 high contrast mode 




Free: Shipping us only







2 Years warranty

 Against defect in

 material and











Acuity 22"HD screen desktop magnifier


 Acuity 22" HD by Rehan 


Acuitey 22 inch magnifier





        Free Shipping



Full 1080p60:FullHD resolution,60Hz refresh rate.

Multi- touch screen functionality available

  2.2x - 65x Magnification

  Acuity HD by Rehan is the premier desktop video magnifier in the industry at a price that you would expect to find. in a discount unit.


With a beautiful 22 inch

 high definition screen the Acuity magnifies up to 65 times magnification with impressive clarity.

Sporting 20 high contrast mode, auto-focus, and easy to used controls.

weight 35.27lb.

Highest quality CCTV

 available. (by Rehan)














Free: Shipping us only












2 Years warranty

 Against defect in

 material and

















Telesensory Genie Pro Magnifier Computer compatible 

CCTV Low vision Magnifying Equipment

Now it's easier to stay productive



$2795.00   Without monitor

$2895.00   With Monitor  24" LED

Model: GEP-3 -  Magnification: 4.4X - 65X

Free Shipping

 Now its easier to stay productive


Telesensory Computer Compatible integrates the latest in auto  

 focus Genie Pro Combines a powerful magnifying viewer with your computer workstation.

 A split screen mode let you view magnified material  computer files simultaneously.

 Genie Pro's auto Focus Camera brings

 picture, photo charts and graphs into crisp clear focus instantly.

 The system also automatically adjust for each application's optimum resolution.

  The system is compatible with most color

 monitor and is easy to setup.

 Horizontal and vertical line markers,

 Adjustable split screen partitioning of camera and computer. 

 24 foreground color combinations.

 Display Used with multi-sync SVGA Monitors and video Monitors. (sold separately).

 Lines marker shadow mask help you focus on one

 area or lines of text at a time. Multiple Viewing Option for Different needs.


2 Year Warranty against Defective in material and workmanship.

       Width: 15".6" (39.6cm)

        Dept: 23.9" (60.7)cm

        Height: 13" (33cm)

        Weight: 27"lbs (12.3kg



Telesensory Atlas 710 Magnifier





                                                         Model: GF8A

                                                  $1995.00 With 24" monitor 

                                                      $1895.00 Camera Only



 Free Shipping USA Only  

Telesensory The Atlas 710 makes it all possible

just connect the system to an SVGA or VGA 

computer monitor to complete this

full-featured video magnification solution.

auto focus with manual override

Full Color Viewing Mode > offers high -

quality color contrast  for easy viewing of 

materials with photos and text.

A large non - glare, Locking platform for reading 

oversize books.

Display used with an SVGA or VGA Computer 

monitor. (sold separately.)

Magnification From 3x to 50x Newsprint can be 

magnified up to 5" high on a 17" monitor

Color select mode let you view reading materials in 

24 deferent

color combinations to accommodate special vision needs.

Telesensory products have been helping the 

visually impaired and blind people achieving

 greater independence through innovative

technology base products for over 40 years.

Magnification: 3X to 50X

Width: 15.6" Depth: 23.9"

Height: 13" Weight: 27lb


2 year warranty Against defect in material 

and workmanship

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Atlanta Georgia All rights reserved.