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 Zoomax Aurora 24 HD Desktop Video Magnifier

Widescreen Foldable Desktop Video Magnifier.

 My Dream to See the Vibrant World Again.  Easy - to - use



  DM-HD24R      $2,450.00    



Sharp and comfortable  image no distortion or shadowing while reading or writing. Writing becomes easer and more carefree without shadow or glare bothering.




  Free Shipping

2 Year warranty against

defect in material and workmanship.

 While taking the best HD camera and 

auto focus technology. Aurora provides the sharpest and most comfortable image for the visually impaired users.


Workspace under the Camera: 18cm / 7.1in

 Weight: 34.8lb

    2x-70x magnification

   17: Alternative Color 

    PH: 1-800-207-5665

     PH: 770-457-6554

           Free Shipping


High definition auto focus.

 Focus Lock, Find feature,

 Free Frame. 

Reading lines          

 Works under the camera: 7.in (18cm)

Weight: 34.8 lbs (15.8kg)

 24" HD Wide screen    

 2X-70X Magnification




Telesensory Genie Pro Magnifier Computer compatible 

CCTV Low vision Magnifying Equipment

Now it's easier to stay productive

$2,795.00   Without monitor

$2,995.00   With Monitor  24" LED

Model: GEP-3 -  Magnification: 4.4X - 65X

Please Call  1-800-207-5665   Free Shipping

 Now its easier to stay productive


Telesensory Computer Compatible integrates the latest in auto

 focus Genie Pro Combines a powerful magnifying viewer with your computer workstation.

 A split screen mode let you view magnified material  computer files simultaneously.

 Genie Pro's auto Focus Camera brings

 picture, photo charts and graphs into crisp clear focus instantly.

 The system also automatically adjust for each application's optimum resolution.

  The system is compatible with most color

 monitor and is easy to setup.

 Horizontal and vertical line markers,

 Adjustable split screen partitioning of camera and computer. 

 24 foreground color combinations.

 Display Used with multi-sync SVGA Monitors and video Monitors. (sold separately).

 Lines marker shadow mask help you focus on one

 area or lines of text at a time. Multiple Viewing Option for Different needs.


2 Year Warranty against Defective in material and workmanship.

width: 15".6" (39.6cm)

Dept: 23.9" (60.7)cm

Height: 13" (33cm)

Weight: 27"lbs (12.3kg)

               Telesensory Atlas 710 With 24" Monitor  

                                           Model: GFA7

                                     $1895.00 With monitor 

                                       $1695.00 Camera Only


 Please call  1-800-207-5665 / 770-457-6554

 Free Shipping USA Only  

Telesensory The Atlas 710 makes it all possible

just connect the system to an SVGA or VGA 

computer monitor to complete this

full-featured video magnification solution.

auto focus with manual override

Full Color Viewing Mode > offers high -

quality color contrast  for easy viewing of 

materials with photos and text.

A large non - glare, Locking platform for reading 

oversize books.

Display used with an SVGA or VGA Computer 

monitor. (sold separately.)

Magnification From 3x to 50x Newsprint can be 

magnified up to 5" high on a 17" monitor

Color select mode let you view reading materials in 

24 deferent

color combinations to accommodate special vision 


Telesensory products have been helping the 

visually impaired and blind people achieving

 greater independence through innovative

 technology base products for over 40 years.

Magnification: 3X to 50X

Width: 15.6" Depth: 23.9"

Height: 13" Weight: 27lb

2 year warranty Against defect in material 

and workmanship

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