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                                           Zoomax  Desktop & Handheld Video  Magnifier


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Zoomax Aurora  HD 24"

Desktop Magnifier

Zoomax Panda  19"HD 

Desktop Magnifier

Zoomax Panda 19"SD

Desktop Magnifier

Aurora HD 9 customized designs for comfortable reading

Working Height:7.1"







Model: HD24R







 Height: 10.2"









Model: DM-HD19 






 Height: 10.2"









































Auto focus

2x to70x Magnification Auto Focus

17 alternative color modes

XY Table Dimension

16.5" x 17"


Reading and writing become easer and carefree without shadow or glare bothering


Weight: 34.8 lb

XY Table Dimension

16.5" x 17"











Auto focus

2x to70x Magnification 

HD Screen for great image quality at any magnification.

 17 High-contrast color mode

Design to fit your life, and space saving

offering plenty of clearance between the camera and reading table.


Weight: 39.7lb  

Lock X and Y axis on

 XY Table Dimension

14"x 14" x 1.8










Auto focus


2Xto70x Magnification



LCD Screen

17 high High-contrast color mode

High-quality desktop

 CCTV at an

 affordable price



Lock X and Y 

XY Table Dimension

14"x 14" x 1.8


























2 Years warranty

 Against defect in

 material and



2 Years warranty

 Against defect in

 material and



2 Years warranty

 Against defect in

 material and





                    Zoomax Mars Portable Magnifier  -  Zoomax  Snow 4.3" Magnifier

                                                                                                                                            5% Discount


Zoomax Mars HD

Distant & close viewing



Zoomax Snow 4.3" Screen










                    Model: PM-HDMR



        Model:  RV4VL


Auto focus & HD

12X optical: 1280X720

2x to 80x Magnification

(Based on a 14" screen)

full color + 16 high contrast color modes

Distant & close viewing

Simple connect to

PC, monitor, laptop


Weight: 2 lb

17 alternative color mode

5 Hours continuous use

If you are a student or people who need to see far and close clearly and take out conveniently,

Zoomax offers ideal portable video magnifiers for student and work.

 Mars HD a versatile video magnifier designed for both student and professional. Mars can be connected to laptop, desktop computer. or different size of monitor.


2X - 16X  


Always Enjoy Your Life

Easy-to-use buttons

Easy-to used.

 Clearest image under

 any operation

Compact design with

 light weight 7.2ounces

 3.5 hours continues  used 

Auto focus,

Zoomax Snow is an excellent reading aid for visually impaired.

 No learning, no training, three large and intuitive buttons just show you how the video magnifier works directly and keep you away from troublesome operation instruction.

 Press Freeze Frame button to capture the image for clear viewing and you can even zoom in/out or change the viewing mode of the still image smoothly.


Please Call

Free Shipping

PH: 770-457-6554

 PH: 1-800-207-5665

2 year warranty

Please Call

Free Shipping

PH: 770-457-6554

 PH: 1-800-207-5665

2 year warranty

                  Zoomax Handheld Portable Magnifiers                                                                                                          


Video Video
Zoomax M5  2HD image quality TFT touch screen Zoomax M5 HD  Plus

 5" wide screen TFT screen


Zoomax  Butterfly 3.5"
Zoomax M5 handheld video magnifier HD touchscreen

Zoomax M5 handheld video magnifier one hand flick to change contrast color 2

Zoomax M5 handheld video magnifier easy panning of the captured image

Make the panning with touch screen on Zoomax M5 HD Plus

M5 HD plus distance view

Zoomax M5 HD Plus has nternal Storage of 60 Images

Butterfly video magnifier viewing price at supermarket













Zoomax the first

 handheld video

 magnifier in the

 global market

 adopting 2 HD

 design-HD camera

 plus HD screen.

Save up to 60 images

10 high contrast color

 mode+ full color

connected to

 PC/monitor via

 HDMI to have higher


Screen resolution



 2x3 -16x

Continuous battery

 used 4 hours

weight 9.35oz


































































● Up to 60 images storage

● 2-way panning (use arrow buttons, or press and pan on touch screen)

● 2 HD image quality

● Adjustable reading line and masks, 4 types in total

● Tactile buttons

● Distance view

● Favorite color modes

● Intelligently memorize the most recent settings (e.g. color mode, magnification, button beeps, brightness)

Power saving after no operation in 3 minutes

● Connection to TV / Monitor through HDMI cable

● Reading Stand

● Tailored Handle (Standard Accessory)


 Power saving after no operation in 3 minutes

● Connection to TV / Monitor through HDMI cable

● Reading Stand

● Tailored Handle (Standard Accessory)


Magnification 2.3x ~ 16x continuous magnification
Display Modes

Zoomax Handheld Video Magnifier M5 HD Plus 11 high contrast color

Full color and 10 high contrast color modes

Focus Tap-to-focus in distance view
Fixed focus in close view
Screen 5″ widescreen TFT touch screen
Screen Resolution 1280x720p
Camera Dual cameras 5 mega pixels
Reading Line and Masks Horizontal/vertical reading line
Viewing Distance
4.8 cm for close view
>5 cm for distance view
Connection Connection to TV / Monitor through HDMI cable
Power Saving
Turn off after 3 minutes nonuse

Rechargeable lithium battery of around 4 hours continuous use; 4.5 hours charging time

(depending on Mode and Brightness level settings)

Power Adapter
Input 100 - 240V
Output 5V/2.5A
Weight 265 g / 9.35 oz.




































Model: ZMX-BTF

Zoomax pocket size handheld video magnifier Butterfly is designed for the low vision people on the go. Its lightest weight and most compact size allow Butterfly to be hung around the neck or kept in the pocket, handbag or even purse. You may use it to read price label, menu and see things around you anytime conveniently














































































2 year warranty 2 year warranty 2 year warranty


                                       Zoomax Portable  Snow 7"HD Plus OCR Magnifier / Zoomax Snow 7" HD

                                                                 Low vision aids

                                                                                                                                                                                               5% Discount 

Video   Video

Zoomax Snow 7"HD Plus  

  Text-to - speech - OCR


Zoomax Snow 7" HD

Text-to-Speech technology

Offer storage up to 1000 images, and superb distance viewing.


Snow 7 HD Plus storage for up to 1000 images

Superb Distance Viewing

Snow 7 HD Plus superb distance view

Snow 7 HD Plus reading line











Model: RV7V







Zoomax Snow 7 HD Plus is the first 7″ handheld video magnifier in the global market adopting text-to-speech technology. Offering storage for up to 1,000 images and superb distance viewing, Snow 7 HD Plus is a new entry for low vision people to regain independence


Magnification 2.5x - 19x
Display Modes Full color + 10 high contrast colors
Screen Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels
Screen 7″ TFT touch screen
Camera 13M pixels
Focus Auto focus/tap to focus
Image Storage up to 1,000 images
Weight 532 g/18.8 oz
Special Viewing Distance Viewing
Viewing Distance 5 meters
Continuous Use 3.5 hours
Charging Time 3.5 hours
Power Saving standby mode/turn off after 3 minutes non-use
Reading Line Horizontal/vertical
Special Functions Text-to-speech, panning
Text-to-Speech Magnification 1.7X - 8X
Text-to-Speech Language 20 (more are coming)















Please Call

Free Shipping

PH: 770-457-6554

 PH: 1-800-207-5665




Snow 7" TFT Screen


       2.2X - 19X

 Zoomax Snow 7" HD


  Auto focus

Easies to Used handheld

 video magnifier, 

with 12 viewing modes

weight: 16 ounces

Approximate 5 hours continuous use

Support PAL/NTSC Connect to TV

Dimension 7.7x5.5x1"

The Easiest to Use 7-inch Handheld Video Magnifier
Inheriting all the advantages of Snow family, Zoomax handheld video magnifier Snow 7 HD in a creative design offers the real-time crisp image on the ergonomically settled widescreen, and is still the easiest to use. With its small book size and only 16.93 ounce, Snow 7 HD can be taken and used to read closely and see at a distance anywhere, home, school, office, bus stop, shop, etc


Please Call

Free Shipping

PH: 770-457-6554

 PH: 1-800-207-5665


2 Years warranty

 Against defect in

 material and



2 Years warranty

 Against defect in

 material and




                               Looky4+ HD  - Looky5+ HD  Hand held Magnifier

                                                        by Rehan

                                                                                                                                                                                      5% Discount


Looky 4+ HD




Free shipping us only


Looky4+HD 4.3"Screen

 Free shipping us only

PH: 770-457-6554

4.3" HD touch screen


Looky 5HD Touch

Looky 5 HD handheld magnifier




Free shipping us only


Looky5+HD 5"Screen

 Free shipping us only

PH: 770-457-6554

5" HD touch screen

The Looky4+ HD is a great choice

 with a built in handle that also services

 serves as a reading stand.

lightweight only 67lbs

 2x-20x magnification

10 contrast mode


2-years warranty 

The Looky5+ HD Compact design


 with built-in handle that also

 serves as a reading stand

 lightweight - only 67lbs

 2x-20x magnification

 10 contrast mode


2-years warranty 



                       Telesensory Atlas 710 Desktop cctv Magnifier 

                                                                                       5% Discount

Telesensory products have been

 helping the with 

visually impaired and low vision 

 readers achieving

 greater independence through

 innovative technology

 base products for over

 40 years.

Magnification: 3X to 50X

Width: 15.6" Depth: 23.9"

Height: 13" Weight: 27lb


Telesensory Atlas 710

Model: GF8A

                                                 $1995.00 With monitor 

                                                  $1895.00 Camera Only

Please call 



 Free Shipping USA Only  

Telesensory The Atlas 710

 makes it all possible

just connect the system to

 an SVGA or VGA 

computer monitor to complete this

full-featured video magnification solution.

auto focus with manual override











Telesensory Apex 

Part of the Aladdin one -piece

 desktop Family

Basic 17" 2595.00

Basic 20" 2995.00


 Telesensory Genie

  Pro Desktop  

  Magnifier Auto focus


Camera only

Computer compatible

The Genie Pro combine a powerful

 magnifying viewer with your computer






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