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         Telesensory Desktop Magnifiers low vision Equipment

Telesensory Aladdin Genie Pro Computer compatible 

video Desktop magnifier.

Genie Pro can be used with most computer monitor 

to create a color magnification system that best suites 

an individual's unique viewing needs.

Now it's easier than ever to stay productive.


                                          Telesensory Genie Pro-3

                                               $2795.00  Camera only

                                               $2895.00 With 24"  Monitor

                                               Free Shipping.  us only

The Genie Pro combines a powerful magnification viewer with your

computer workstation. 

Our commitment is to help people with low vision enjoy independent 

access to information, enabling them to stay active in there work,

A split screen mode lets you view magnified 

materials and computer files simultaneously or toggle between image. 

Genie Pro Auto focus camera brings print, photos charts and graphs 

into crisp clear focus instantly. Continuous auto focus, Manual focus

and override.

 Features: Display used with multi-sync VGA or SVGA Monitors and

 S-Video monitors.

Color select mode 24 different color combination to accommodate 

specific needs.

Split Screen Mode simultaneously display the magnified image

 and the computer screen - or lets you toggle between the two.

 Camera and computer image alignment allows you to line up the 

camera picture with the computer display while in split screen mode.

Line Marker  Shadow Mask option help you focus on one area 

or line of text at a time.

Magnification 4.4X - 65X on a, 20" monitor.

Width: 15.6"  Dept: 23.9", Height: 13".  Weight: 27 lbs, (12.3 kg)

 Reading table a large non-glare, locking platform for reading 

oversized books.

2 Years Warranty Against defect in material and workmanship

                    Acuity HD 22" HD Desktop Video Magnifier by Rehan

                                                                                                                          5% Discount

Acuity 22"HD Touch Screen


Acuitey 22 inch magnifier



   Model: Rhn-acu22


       Free Shipping

       Please call






Acuity 22"HD Touch Screen

 desktop magnifier

 Full 1080pHD touch screen

2.2x-65x Magnification

Intuitive auto focus

20 high contrast mode

Weight: 35.27lb

Crisp HD image quality at all

 magnification levels

The Acuity provides everything you

 would hope for in a desktop magnifier.













2 Years warranty

 Against defect in

 material and




                                                          Acuity HD 22 + Speech  Magnifier   

                                                                                     5% Discount


Acuity 22"HD + Speech Magnifier        

Touch pad technology in the display

easy-to-use touch pad





Additional Information


Scans documents and reads them to you

Magnification Range

2.2x 65x

Screen Size

22 inch widescreen

Screen Resolution

Full HD, 1080p


18.9 x 18.9 x 25.6 inches (screen in highest position)


35.27 pounds




  • 22-inch widescreen display
  • Full page OCR and text-to-speech
  • Reads your documents aloud
  • 1080p full HD resolution
  • 2.2x to 65x magnification
  • 20 high-contrast color modes

The Acuity with speech is the premier desktop video magnifier! With text-to-speech, incredible image quality and a fully customizable display this top-of-the-line desktop magnifier comes at an affordable price!


The Acuity 22″ with speech by Rehan is the the best desktop magnifier available. Including the ability to read text to you, and sporting a Full HD camera and large 22 inch monitor, the Acuity with Speech produces an image that is unsurpassed. Incorporating an easy-to-use touch pad for intuitive controls, reflection and shadow free lighting, the Acuity is your first option for high quality magnification



















Free Shipping us only



2 Years warranty Against

 defect in material and




                         i-See - HD Desktop Vision Magnifier






An image of the i-See Ed with a coloured picture of a flower on the screen






Rhn-i-See 19"



Rhn-i-See 22"


 Free Shipping us only


Please call















 i- See was developed with

 Enhanced Definition Technology

 which produces superior picture


This unique Enhanced Definition

 Magnifier offer the user a truly

 stunning picture quality.

 Design to work with a 19" or   22"

 Wide screen TFT Panels,

 (Monitor).  2.2X - 65X

 Magnification Depending on

 Screen size.

Auto focus

10 high contrast mode 






 2 Years warranty

 Against defect in

 material and





























                        Telesensory Atlas 710 Magnifier  


                   Model: GF8A  

                   With 24" Monitor  $1995.00  

                   Camera only $1895.00

  Please call Free Shipping 1-800-207-5665 / 770-457-6554

 The Atlas 710 makes it all possible. Just connect the system to

 an SVGA or VGA computer monitor to complete this full-featured

 video magnification solution. auto focus with manual override

Full Color Viewing Mode > offers high - quality color contrast 

 for easy viewing of materials with photos and text.

A large non - glare, Locking platform for reading oversize books.

Display used with an SVGA or VGA Computer monitor,

 (sold separately).

Magnification From 3x to 50x Newsprint can be magnified up

 to 5" high on a 17" monitor.

Color select mode, let you view reading materials in 24 deferent 

color combinations to accommodate special vision needs.

Telesensory products have been helping the visually impaired

 and blind people achieving greater independence through

 innovative technology base products for over 40 years.

Magnification: 3X to 50X

Width: 15.6" Depth: 23.9" Height: 13" Weight: 27lb

2 year warranty Against defect in material and workmanship




              Zoomax Snow Handheld Video Magnifiers

                  Zoomax S 4.7"HD is the upgraded version of Snow 4.3"

                                                                                                                                                                               5% Discount


Snow S 4.7"HD Screen

OCR/TTS technology

 Text-to Speech



Auto focus


OCR and Text-to-Speech function of Snow S enables you to recognize contents easily



Snow 4.3"Handheld Magnifier

 TFT Screen



Auto focus






Snow HD M5-5"

Touch Screen



Auto focus HD camera



Snow S with Writing Stand



Free Shipping

 us only

Zoomax  4.7"HD is the upgraded version of Snow 4.3" 


 regular print


 from short

 text &

 number and

 read it aloud

 for you.

 Connect to


Connect to

 PC/ Monitor

 via HDMI







2 years  warranty





Free Shipping us only

Easy-to-use buttons

image freeze Connect

 to TV 10 modes

Support PAL/NTSC

Read large material

 in the comfort of

 your home or bring it with you wherever you go















2 years warranty






Free Shipping us only

The 5" HD screen offers

 a large viewing area.

 Connect the M5 to a

 TV or monitor through

 HDMI to used it like a

 desktop video


connect to PC/Monitor

 via HDMI to have

 higher magnification.

Save up to 60 images

10 height contrast color

 modes plus full color.

Total weight

 approximately 9.35 oz. 









2 years warranty





     Zoomax Snow Handheld Portable Video magnifier                                                                                                                                                                                           5% Discount


Snow 7"TFT Screen 



Auto focus




Mars HD 



Base on 14" monitor

Auto focus





Near and distance viewing

12 modes full color

support PAL/NTSC Connect to TV

weight: 1 lb

5 hours continuous use

Free shipping us only


2 Year warranty against defect in material and workmanship



model: zmx-mar


Free Shipping

Distant and close viewing simple

connect to Laptop, PC/Monitor

Connections HDMI / USB

Weight 2 lb

17 alternative color modes




2 Year warranty against defect in material and workmanship


Zoomax Aurora HD 24" Wide screen Desktop Video Magnifier 

My dream to see the vibrant world again.

Offering superior picture quality and a large viewing area

Magnification Range: 2X - 70X

                             Video                                                5% Discount


                            Workspace under the camera 7.1"


                                                                          17 alternative color mode



 Model: MD-HD24R


 Free Shipping. US ONLY

Please call for more information & ordering

PH: 1-800-207-5665 PH: 770-457-6554


The Aurora HD 24"widescreen desktop magnifier offers the largest 

viewing area of any video magnifier providing plenty of space for 

reading and writing designed with the end-user in mind.

Magnification range 2X-70X, Auto focus, reading or writing

 become easer and carefree without shadow or glare bothering 

2 Year warranty against defect in material and workmanship

          Zoomax Panda 19" Desktop Video Magnifier

                     Magnification: 2X-70X

                     My dream to see the vibrant world again


Model: DM-SD19R


                                           Free Shipping us only

                                           PH: 1-800-207-5665

                           Working Height (from camera to XY table): 9.8"

                                   Easy-to-use Desktop Video Magnifier

              2 Year warranty against defect in material and workmanship




   Zoomax Panda HD19" Video Magnifier





Working Height (from camera to xy Table 10.2"



Free Shipping, us only.

model: DM-HD19Z+


Panda 19" HD

PH: 770 457-6554

PH: 1-800-207-5665


The Panda HD desktop magnifier offer the advantage of a full desktop

model in a compact design. With an HD camera and an HD screen,

the Panda produces crystal=clear image quality at any magnification level.

2x-70x Continuous Magnification.

17 high contrast color modes

Adjustable viewing screen for Comfortable reading.

Weight: 39.7lb


 2 Year warranty against defect in material and workmanship


      Telesensory classic 14" CRT Magnifier B/W





Classic 14"CRT  B/W

4.5x to 50x magnification

PH: 770-567-6554

Free shipping us only

weight 37 lbs

A practical all- in -one design and easy-to used

a Gold Award from the American Society on Aging.


Telesensory Apex Basic 17" / 20" Display Monitor

               Model: GF9B-17"     $2195.00

               Model: GF9B-20"      $2300.00

               Free Shipping Please Call: 770-457-6554

Part of the Aladdin one-piece desktop family the apex Basic

 incorporates an adjustable flat monitor with three viewing option you come to rely on.

Reading is made easer with the simple feature, integrated flat panel system.

Viewing option include true color mode, positive and negative modes continues auto focus with manual override.

Reading is made easer with this simple featured, integrated flat panel system auto focus with manual override. 

Magnification: From 4x to 40x for the 17" Model: 4xto 50x for the 20" Model.

Three viewing option

 True color mode

 Positive image black on white

Negative image white on black

2-Year Warrant Against defect in material in material and workmanship

Telesensory Aladdin Apex Standard 17" / 20"

Telesensory Aladdin Apex Standard 17" / 20"

17" $2595.00

20" $2795.00


2-Year Warrant Against defect in material in material and workmanship

2 Year Warrant Against defect in material in material and workmanship

Telesensory Apex Standard Telesensory Apex Pro, Telesensory

Transportable Vertex.


Shipping address.

Commercial Electronics Service Center, inc.

 4020 Clairmont Road

 Chamblee GA 30341-3210

 PH: 770-457-6554

 PH: 1-800-207-5665



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