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Zoomax Mars HD Desktop Portable Video magnifier      

 Mars HD is the lightest and smaller desktop  portable electronic

 magnifier in the market for close distant and self viewing and

 writing at home, school and office. can be connected to monitor

 and computer very easily thought HDMI and USB port.

 Zoomax Mars HD distant & Close Viewing perfect for students and professional.                                           





            Model:  PM-HDMR 

Free Shipping  us only


Mars HD is the lightest and smaller desktop  portable electronic

 magnifier in the market for close distant and self viewing and

 writing at home, school and office. can be connected to monitor

and computer very easily thought HDMI and USB port.

 Zoomax Mars HD distant & Close Viewing perfect for students

 and professionals.                                                



Only second to fold and pack up mars HD in a customized backpack

then you could start clear reading journey


Zoomax Mars HD perfect for student to view objects that are

 close-up, to see materials on desk or professionals who need to

 see far presentations, close clearly, and take out conveniently

 Zoomax offers ideal portable video magnifiers for student and


Support computer operating system: Windows Operating System,

 Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Magnification: 2X - 80X (base on 14" screen)

 Auto Focus, Full color + 16 high contrast color modes

Working height under camera : 7.7"

Weight 1.9 lb

Distance Viewing, Self Viewing, Reading viewing 

16 Alternative color mode. Mars are HD and PC/MAC Compatible.

Functions: Zoom in/out, color mode adjustment, brightness

 adjustment, reading lines/windows, freeze frame, split screen, find,

 image saving, LED light on/off, setting memory.

Compatibility: Laptop desktop and TV Monitor The mars HD comes

 fully loaded. Compatible with a PC or Mac. Mars HD dose it all for a

 low price than the basic models mars HD on-board Ll battery 

 provides up to 5 hours of continuous use.

 Mars HD Folds down easily.

Free Shipping  us only   

    Zoomax Snow 7" HD Handheld Video Magnifier 

Zoomax Snow 7" Portable Lightweight Video Magnifier

 Easy-to-use handheld video magnifier. Clearest image under any operation.

             Helping people With Macular Degeneration and Low vision.



        model: RV7V


Please Call  when ordering


        Free Shipping 

            Model: RV7V

The easiest to Used 7"


 Held magnifier

 magnification: 2.2x19x    


weight: 16.93 ounces 480g (with battery).

Battery Approximate 4 - 5 hours

12 viewing modes, Auto focus.


Dimensions: 19.5cm x 13.95cm x 2.5cm

The easiest to Used 7" Hand held video Magnifier. 

With it's small book size and only 16.96 once

Snow 7" HD can be taken and used to read closely and see

at a distance anywhere, home, school, bus stop, shopping aids.

2 Year Warranty Against Defect in Material and Workmanship.

Zoomax Snow 4.3" Portable Lightweight Video Magnifies Magnifier


Handheld Magnifier, easy - to - used,

Clearest image under any operation.

Sharp image even at the lowest magnification and under fast movement.                                


   Zoomax snow 4.3"



 Zoomax  Butterfly 3.5"


  Model: RV4VL

Portable Lightweight Video

 Magnifier auto focus

Magnification: 2x to 16x 

Weight: 7.2 ounces

Connect to TV Support PAL/NTSC

10 Modes (Full color, Gray color, White on black, Black on yellow

Zoomax Butterfly Stand

Use Zoomax Butterfly 3.5 inches handheld video magnifier to read



Model: ZMX-BTF


1.5x to 15x magnification

3.5" TFT screen

5 color modes: Zoomax Butterfly 5 high contrast color modes

Freeze frame/image capture

● Built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery with 1400mAh capacity

● Includes AC charger, stand, carry case and strap

● Built-in tilt reading stand

● Camera is centrally positioned for intuitive reading

● Rechargeable battery offering up to 3.5 hours continuous use

● Carry case and neck strap



2 year warranty against defect in material and workmanship  1 year warranty against defect in material and workmanship 
Free Shipping


                 Zoomax Snow M5 -5" HD Touch screen 

 ZOOMAX  Snow M5              Video
















Zoomax M5, the first handheld video magnifier in the global market adopting 2HD design - HD camera plus HD screen, presents super crystal-clear image for all age group. Being approved by hundreds of testers from low vision organizations, schools and individuals, its freely touch and handy features allow everyone to experience the cutting-edge device you'll never imagine

Auto focus save up to 60 images



$ 645.00


2.2x-19x Magnification

The Easeies to used 7"Handheld video magnifier


Free Shipping us only


Model: RV7V


weight 265g/ 9.35oz

2.3X TO 16X Magnification.

Save up to 60 image

2 year warranty Against Defect in Material and Workmanship
PH:770-457-6554 PH:1-800-207-5665


i-Reader Desktop easy to use text-to speech experience used natural voice

 by Rehan


Design for use by individuals

 who or blind or have low vision.

 Text-to-Speech Reader connect to monitor 

to see words

 highlighted as they read, easy- to- use controls




Image result for i-readeri-ReaderImage result for i-reader




 Battery option portable




  • Easy to used text-to-speech experience using naturally sounding voice
  • Listen to documents
  • Connect to a monitor to see words highlighted as they are read
  • Easy to use controls
  • Control reading speed and volume
  • Can read full Letter page at once


Additional information

Carrying Case



Start Up Time

45 seconds



Battery or Plug-in models available


Video Output

VGA & HDMI connectors


Text Navigation

Arrow keys, forward/rewind per word and line


Speech Controls

Speech Volume and Speed



21.65 x 16.92 x 23.23 inches



4.32 lbs

 Free Shipping

 Please call

 PH: 770-457-6554

  PH: 1-800-207-5665



                        Telesensory OCR Scanner

Telesensory Ovation plus text to speech (OCR)    Flatbed-Scanner

 easily use to scan and store text 

Telesensory Ovation /Telesensory Ambassador

 (OCR) scan text to speech,

is a voice output reading machine design for use by individuals

 who or blind or have low vision.


 Telesensory Ovation Plus

 - OCR

Text to Speech OCR

 Reader Scanner.

Easy to use features to

 access information you

want without wasting time.

Simpler and easer controls to use.

Unit Dimensions:


Adjustable Features-The Ovation Plus is easy to adjust and customize to meets your needs.

 The different reading options allow you to pick a voice and a speed that is right for you.

Reading Speed- 50-300 words per minute, you decide.

Reading Voice-Choose from male and female voices in different pitches.

Reading Material-Save documents so you can read at your own pace.

 Use the easy controls to move forward and backward throughout

 your materials, and place bookmarks-just like reading a book.

Telesensory Ambassador (OCR) scan text to speech - reader

Telesensory Aladdin Ambassador  OCR

 convert text  from printed material to speech using DEC talk

 synthesis software.

  • Able to name the documents in your voice

  • Can read daisy books or playback audio books and music, which are stored on a CD.

  • Store "chapters" of up

  •  to 20 pages each

  •  with a name you give

  •  it in your own voice



Telesensory Ovation Plus



Free Shipping

Telesensory Ovation Plus      flatbed scanner


Telesensory Ambassador.

 Plus flatbed scanner you can accurately

 and easy scan and store text of any kind and convert  to adjustable volume,

 speech, speed, and

 voice tone to make audio playback truly personal.

 The sleek light-weight design makes it easy to

 transport, so you can access information in a variety of settings.

 The flatbed-scanner uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert text from books, and magazines and other printed material

newspapers, books, magazines, and more.

The Ovation Plus has many sophisticated

 yet easy-to-use

 features to access the information you want without wasting time:

  • Adjustable volume, speed and voice tone make audio playback truly personal.

  • Easily move through your document by page, paragraph or sentence.

  • Store "chapters" of up to 20 pages each with a name you give it in your own voice.

  • Listening to music and audio books on the Audio-CD.

  • Listening MP3 files

  • With SUB port

  • With CD Rom

  • Able to manage MP3 files

Please call when ordering

Toll Free




                                     Telesensory Handheld Video Magnifier

Telesensory Vertex desktop video magnifier

         Telesensory Transportable desktop video magnifier the Vertex Pro

                          Meet Airline Requirement.

Vertex  Pro    VTX-2  Telesensory Vertex Pro VTX-2


Low Vision Video


Telesensory Vertex

 Magnifier wheel carrying


 Transportable Desktop

 Video Magnifier


True color 17" (43.2cm)

 flat panel display

3.5 X to 48X



Vertex VTX-2

Computer Compatible

  • Easily folds

  •  into a

  •  wheeled

  •  carrying

  •  case.

  • Case has

  •  handle and

  •  retractable

  •  wheels.

  • Built-in

  •  battery

  •  enhances

  •  mobility.

  • Meets

  •  airline

  •  carry-on

  •  requirements.


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